Project List

  • Arboretum/ Botanical Garden

  • War Memorial Museum and Public Library
  • Chapel and Meditation Room for all irrespective of faith or creed
  • Maze and Nature Trail
  • Commonwealth Nations Heritage Park/Sculputure Garden
  • Butterfly and Birds Farm

Butterfly Gardening
Butterfly is another name for beauty. And therefore butterflies on flowers is icing of a cake! A backyard sanctuary can easily be set up by merely availing vegetation as caterpillar-feed and flowers for sipping of nectar by the butterflies. Butterfly conservation will help our community spread the gospel of sustainable development as we keep on on Peri-urban farming. Food-chain circle is only complete with such practice as living organism web structure.

Bird Watching

Birding – Bird Watching is the interest in viewing birds, appreciating their beauty and or for deep study.

Nature lovers are captivated by their dazzling sights and sounds. Their tweeting and movement is an enchantment to a vast majority of nature lovers. Almost any other place on our beloved Earth has a species unique to itself whereas some are almost universal.

Thomas Jefferson and Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh are among birdwatchers of note, the latter being a renown photographer of birds.

Breeding Bird Projects.

·         Backyard Birding-This is the provision of expansive tree cover, thickets and shrubs alongside feeders with adequate feed and water fountains for watering and bath-pools.

·         Nesting-This is an essential aspect of bird life. Provision of boxes (bird boxes) is an excellent idea as it also aids in breeding. Domestication of doves and homing pigeons as such should be encouraged among the populace because of it’s benefits to the whole birding project.

Maze (Mtego wa panya-Swahili for ‘Rat-Trap’)

A maze is a winding and controlled pathway which may be lined with low walls, logs or hedges of rosemary, lavender or box. What a thrilling effect we have to be in the lost world!? Mazes have a religious background and are mysterious in nature.

Labyrinths on the other hand are high walled or high hedged pathways too high for one to see over. They are three-dimensional in nature.

The twisting path represents the thread of life, paradise regained, death and rebirth, the search for the Holy Grail and so on. Early churches on the continent had mazes on the floors and penitents crept along their winding path on their knees as they said their prayers.

Wing in Leicestershire is built to the same design as the one inside Chartres Cathedral in France.

Sculpture Park

Max Pelgrims - W.W.(I) Belgium

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